1. Create an account and complete your profile.

A free account will get you access to our calendar of jobs. Remember to fill out your profile completely to increase your chances of being contacted by an employer. There's no charge and no risk. You can disable your account anytime.



2. Express interest in a job and get hired.

It's easy to browse our calendar of events and express interest in the jobs that you would like to work. If an employer likes your resume, they will contact you for an interview. Read detailed information about each vendor, so that you can choose the job that really suits you. Signup for a subscription to see jobs farther in advance so that you can be sure to be contacted first.

3. Do the work, then rate the vendor.

After you work an event, you will come back to Demonstrators Direct and rate the vendor. Keep in mind, the vendor will also rate your performance. Vendor and demonstrator ratings help Vendors know who the top workers are, and help Demonstrators know the best Vendors to work for.

Do The Work